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For aspiring basketball players in Tasmania, getting to shoot hoops isn’t always easy. Hiring a whole court is expensive, and the number of shots you can take is limited by running to retrieve the ball.

David Bartlett, IT business owner, former politician and basketball enthusiast, realised this problem. Along with business partners Mark Nash and Anthony Stewart, former pro-basketballers, he saw an opportunity to bring something new to basketball - and

Swisherr Hoops Academy was born.Swisherr runs self-service basketball gyms called ‘SHOTLABs’. Each SHOTLAB is a high-tech member only shooting room, complete with lighting, music, speakers and a ball return machine. The first SHOTLAB was fully booked from the moment it opened, and the network has grown to 10 SHOTLABs across Tasmania. With every new venue, Swisherr gains 50-100 new members.

Initially, each SHOTLAB had a keypad where members entered the code they had been sent. But this approach was not scalable or secure enough as Swisherr grew. “Codes sometimes got shared” explains David, “so we didn’t have full control over access. It was workable for the first 25 or so members, but we soon found ourselves at 200, then 400. We knew we had to find a smarter access solution.”

David’s research led him to SALTO, and to their Tasmanian partner, Kaleb Lehman of Securatech. “The SALTO system was exactly what we needed”, says David. “We use the SALTO KS solution to send members a digital key, straight to their phone. It makes access easy for the member, and at the same time keeps the venues secure.”

The SALTO system is integrated with the Swisherr membership and booking app, and the process of sending out digital keys is fully automated.

“We’ve now got a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to new venues”, explains David. “We have three contractors - one for walls and lighting, one for floors and Kaleb for all the technology. It means that once we’ve identified a site and signed a lease, we can have a SHOTLAB up and running in a week. It’s true to say that without the SALTO system, we simply wouldn’t have had such a viable business, and definitely wouldn’t have grown so fast.”

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