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Bryan Salmon, NQ Locksmiths (QLD) 

Please provide a short personal biography about yourself.
Originally from Tasmania my family moved to North Queensland when I was five years old. I attended school in Townsville and when I was in Year 10 an opportunity arose for a work placement experience. I had an interest in anything mechanical/electronic so I accepted a four week workshop at a well-known Locksmith business in Townsville.

Each year I would attend this workshop, this continued for two years, during which time I realised that this was the type of work I very much enjoyed and would in fact like to become a qualified Locksmith.

I was offered an apprenticeship with this company which I was very happy to accept. I continued to work here until the end of 2020
expanding my skills and showing an interest in the electronic side of the business. Towards the end of 2020 an opportunity presented itself which allowed me to expand my general locksmithing knowledge and develop my skills in the field of electronic security. I am now working with the team at NQ Locksmiths.
What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed as a locksmith?
Undoubtedly the most important skill to be a successful Locksmith is to have very focused set of customer service skills.

As a Locksmith it is my responsibility to ensure that the service supplied is of a very high standard with a guaranteed outcome both in reliability and value. If these objectives are met then there is opportunity for repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Over the past few years, I have seen a trend in electronic security in home/business and the rapid growth in the auto industry. I have
continued to learn and develop these skills through training in these areas.

At present my company is expanding into the automotive and electronic security and although extremely challenging I believe
that these areas are going to become vitally important to grow and succeed in the industry.
What key issues do you think will affect the locksmith industry in the coming decade and how do you think these should be approached?
Unqualified tradesmen importing and fitting substandard equipment and then leaving the repairs/fix-up to the qualified locksmith must be
addressed I have lost count of the number of jobs that I have attended due to this situation.

I believe that it is important that the locksmith industry applies very strict quality standards in this area. I do believe that nationally need to advertise the benefit of using a Qualified Locksmith that use quality products and also guarantee that the product will be fitted correctly with back up service if needed.

My final thoughts on issues that will affect the future of the industry are in the area of electronic security, it will be critical that the locksmith of the future continually upgrades his/her skills and maintains up to date equipment that will allow them to service the customer.
Tell us why you should be Australia’s best young locksmith.
I have personally taken it upon myself to expand my knowledge in the field of electronic security whilst at the same time I have had the benefit of learning the day-to-day practical knowledge of a very experienced Locksmith. This has armed me with the skills to fix a
variety of customer problems.

I believe that it is this drive and focus on both the customer and the rapid growth in the electronic security side of the locksmith business
that goes a long way towards making me Australia’s Best Young Locksmith.

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