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Please provide a short personal biography about yourself.

My name is Kent. I am 29 years old and grew up in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Since graduating high school in 2008, I followed in my father’s footsteps and secured a job as an apprentice locksmith with his business, Terry’s Locksmiths.

After obtaining my locksmith qualifications, I developed a love for automotive locksmithing and chose to specialise in this field. I have now been working as one of the most experienced automotive locksmiths on the Gold Coast and working for Terry’s Locksmiths for the past 11.5 years.

In my spare time, I am kept busy with my young, active girls. I also enjoy spending time with my 4th child, my Harley Davidson Sportster, whenever I get a chance.

What do you most enjoy about your work as a locksmith?

What I enjoy most about my career working as a locksmith is:
• My job never actually feels like a job; I look forward to the day ahead
• Every day is different; no two jobs are alike
• There is always something new to learn as technology changes
• It offers exciting opportunities to develop and hone my skills where I recently got the chance to attend a TechEd course in Melbourne with LSC
• It challenges me daily to be a better version of myself
• It often requires me to think outside the box
• I enjoy being a mentor to my fellow peers

What key issues do you think will affect the locksmith industry in the coming decade and how do you think these should be approached?

Key issues that I think will affect the locksmith industry in the coming decade are as follows:
• As technology advances in society, the industry will have to adapt its processes and equipment to keep up continually. Ensuring staff have the appropriate tools, training, equipment, and support to perform their jobs is essential.
• Smaller businesses are popping up offering similar services to a professional locksmith without licences, reputation, and level of expertise. We may not be able to prevent the pop-up of these companies in the future. However, we can focus on customer awareness by ensuring that customers know the value of using a reputable, reliable locksmith with the appropriate licences against those offering a lower price in exchange for lower quality work.

Tell us why you should be Australia’s best young locksmith.

I think that I should be Australia’s best young locksmith due to the following reasons:

• I am one of the most experienced locksmiths staying at the leading edge of the automotive field in Australia
• I am continually looking to upskill and to stay ahead of the curve in my field
• I am never too busy to offer a lending hand to my peers • I have a love and passion for the locksmithing industry and remain committed to continually evolving as the industry adapts through time to ensure the industry we know and love stays relevant
• I am committed to promoting the importance that the locksmithing industry plays in society, most importantly, ensuring that individuals, families, and businesses feel safe and secure, which is the heart of the industryIf given the opportunity to be considered as Australia’s best young locksmith, it will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in my young career.

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