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Please provide a short personal biography about yourself.

Hi my name is Jared. I enjoy Spearfishing, barbecues on the beach and a good Hawaiian shirt. I remember when I was about 10 I was going on a fishing trip with my grandparents when the night before I found a combination padlock in their kitchen drawer and my pop suggested I bring it to keep me occupied for the 2 hour drive the next day.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t changed the combination from four 0’s and I had it open before we had backed out of the driveway.

Fast forward a few years I finish my apprenticeship and after working as a Locksmith for 8 ½ years in Perth I needed a change of scenery. After getting an opportunity to move to Broome for work in 2019 my days now consist of sun, sand, sea and locksmithing. 

What do you most enjoy about your work as a locksmith?

What I enjoy most about my work as a locksmith is the experiences it has granted me and the places it has taken me.

When you work in the Kimberley getting to every job is not as simple as driving there in a work van. It can be whole day trips to remote indigenous communities battling unpredictable road conditions and no phone signal.

Getting tendered out to a cruise ship stuck at sea to remove and re-cut a broken key so they can get the show on the road. Or, finding out the morning of I’ll be getting a chartered flight up the peninsula to open a drug safe.

It’s with this uniqueness that being a locksmith brings that I’ve had the privilege of seeing some amazing parts of this country that most people would only dream of.  

What key issues do you think will affect the locksmith industry in the coming decade and how do you think these should be approached?

Advancements in technology whether it be general, automotive or even 3D printing will make providing security to clients in the coming decade look very different. If you’re not willing to adapt to the world changing you are going to be left behind quickly.

As an industry we need to protect our trade by bringing in tighter laws to stop “handyman” companies doing lock work. More often than not a real locksmith will have to go and clean up the mess which could of been a simple job if we were called in the first place. 

Tell us why you should be Australia’s best young locksmith.

This is definitely the hardest question to answer but I’d have to say because I don’t think of it as just a job.

For me it’s being part of the community and helping people. It’s being ready for when the phone rings and you never know what’s going to be on the other end. It’s opening a car with a child locked inside and seeing the relief of the parents when they’re out and safe.

It’s making time for jobs at the local hospital when Covid first hit knowing the staff there had enough to worry about already. Or the moment when you feel the lever fall into the wheels of a safe you’re opening that everyone though would be impossible. You don’t get moments like that with other jobs. That’s why I love being a locksmith. It’s what I do today, it’s what I’ll do tomorrow and I look forward to where it will take me in the future.

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