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Item description
Item description

StepNpull® is a foot operated door opener that works on any non-latching commercial wood or metal door. Available in silver and black finishes.

  • Reduce the spread of germs & prevent cross-contamination as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Provide a safe workplace.
  • Provide a better customer experience.
  • Open the door when your hands are full.
  • Proven and trusted for over 13 years.
  • Be germ free - go hands-free!
  • Australian Made.
Hands free & foot operated. Easy to install, overseas model shown.

IMPORTANT: StepNpull® will work on any commercial solid core wood or metal door regardless of the door’s size or weight. If the door is abnormally difficult to pull open, adjust the door closer resistance to make opening easier.

  1. StepNpull® should be mounted approximately 3.5 mm from the bottom and and outer edge of the door.
  2. Mark the holes with a pencil while holding the StepNpull® against the door at a level mounting position.
  3. Wood Doors: Once holes are marked, drill a 8 mm centre hole. Use the provided sex bolt for the middle hole, and the 4 mm #12 screw for the outside holes.
  4. Metal Doors: Once holes are marked, drill a 6.5 mm centre pilot hole. Use the provided sexed bolt for the middle hole, and the 4.5 mm #12 screws for the outside holes. To prepare the centre hole, use a 8 mm bit to enlarge the centre hole, while drilling through the outer metal skin. Remove any burrs and use Loctite on bolt threads.
  5. Open door fully and check for any interference issues with wall or floor mounted door stop.
  6. Install instructional decals above door handle.