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Item description

For the month of June 2018 receive $160.00 (inc GST) off all software when you purchase a new TMPRO.

TMPro2 (Transponder Maker 2) is a leading locksmith tool for creating keys, preparing transponders, key copying, and PIN code calculating. The hardware consists of a small box which connects to your pc via USB2, which is also an eeprom programmer, designed to work with many of the supported immobiliser systems.

The software interface is stand alone, supported by all modern Windows platforms, is very easy to use, and offers accurate solutions for a wide range of vehicles.

Hardware functionality is determined by purchased modular software, meaning all supported immobiliser boxes require a separate, specific module. Additional software module orders are easily created through the software interface, and processed by LSC.

TMpro2 works with immobiliser eeprom files which have been read electronically after removing the vehicles Immobiliser or main ECU. Sometimes the file can be read in-circuit with specialist equipment, or in some cases a device may need to be de-soldered and soldered again in order to read the required electronic file. Once the file has been saved it can simply be dragged into the TMPro2 software interface and if correct, the relevant software module will appear on the screen, validating your file. Then simply program your new transponder, refit the vehicle immobiliser box into the vehicle and the car will be ready to start.


Key features of Transponder Maker 2 include:

  • FREE accurate identification of all transponders in the marketplace. Also shows transponder logic
  • FREE ID48 unlocking
  • Large key cloning range and no need for precoded chips (as with Zed Bull or AD900Pro) for key cloning
  • Key preparation for many transponders for diagnostic key programming
  • One of the largest range of key making solutions in the world, in 80% of cases the transponder is ready to start the vehicle
  • Easy to use, standalone software interface, works on ALL modern platforms of Windows (including Windows 8) on 32 and 64 bit platforms
  • FREE integrated eeprom programmer for with many supported devices
  • The largest motorcycle solution coverage including Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, Aprilia, BMW, KTM, Peugeot, MV Agusta and Piaggio
  • The largest truck solution coverage including Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, DAF, MAN and Renault trucks
  • Other world first solutions such as Porsche PAS ID48 >2005, Yamaha Moric 2, Volvo ID46 >2009 and more…

Supported transponders:

  • Sokymat Nova (Silca T5 or JMA TP05)
  • Philips Crypto 1(PCF 7935 / Silca T15 / JMA TP14)
  • Philips Crypto 2 (PCF 7936 / Silca T14 / JMA TP12)
  • Megamos Crypto (Sokymat Magic 2, / Silca T6 / JMA TP08)
  • JMA TPX1 or Errebi TX1
  • JMA TPX2 or Errebi TX2
  • Texas DST (Silca 4D-60 / JMA TP06 / TP19)
  • JMA TPX3 / TPX4 or Errebi TX4/TX4A