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Product needs to be manufactured, stock delivery may take longer than normal. This product is not returnable.


Item description
Item description

Product needs to be manufactured, stock delivery may take longer than normal. This product is not returnable.

Advanced Diagnostics provides the greatest coverage of automotive key & remote programming. Software functionality may differ between manufacturers.

The ADS2292 software programs bladed keys for numerous Audi®, Seat®, Škoda® and Volkswagen® models supporting the popular MQB platform.

For a comprehensive Applications List for this software module please refer to the ADIQ, MYKEYSPRO, LSC CarLab and release notes under documents tab.


Q. Is this a new software module or add-on to an existing part code?

A. This is a new software part code.

Q. What does the software cover?

A. The software covers bladed key & remote programming on select VAG models from 2012 onwards, commonly referred to as MQB platform.

Q. Does it cover proximity equipped models?

A. No, it does not cover proximity equipped models.

Q. Are there other limitations to the software?

A. At the moment the software only covers models equipped with Continental VDO dash clusters.

It does not cover Johnsons Control clusters or Virtual Cockpit Clusters.

Q. Is there a way of determining which cluster is fitted to a vehicle?

A. The virtual cockpit cluster is readily identified (refer image on CarLab & below)

The Johnsons Control & Continental VDO clusters are not visually different.

Q. Can I do harm if I attempt to program a vehicle fitted with a cluster other than Continental VDO?

A. No, the Smart Pro will simply not be able to gain access to the vehicle immobiliser system.

Q. Will it program keys from all keys lost or is there a working key required?

A. Yes, a working key is required.

Q. Will programming keys delete lost or stolen keys?

A. Yes, keys are deleted during the programming procedure.

Q. Can aftermarket keys be programmed to the applicable models?

A. Yes, aftermarket keys can be programmed but must be precoded with vehicle specific data first.

Q. How are aftermarket keys precoded?

A. The ADC242 Smart Aerial is used to precode vehicle specific data onto aftermarket keys.

Q. Do LSC sell aftermarket keys suitable for MQB models?

A. Yes, part Code for aftermarket keys is 50711778005 VAG BDS 3B FLIP KEY. INCLUDES BLADE.

Sold with HU66 blade fitted. Can be swapped with HU162T if the newer VAG profile is required.