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Item description
Item description

Astra B-Series brass body pasage mortice lock.

  • Backset: 60 mm
  • Bolt projection: 14 mm
  • Non handed
  • No cylinder
  • No escutcheons
  • No turnsnibs
  • Inside and outside lever retracts the latch

Supplied body only in satin chrome.

What do the Astra lock product codes mean?

If the product code is 230-000 the first block depicts the series number. The second block shows the products features. In the case of 000 it means that the product has no cylinders, no escutcheons and no turnsnibs. Use the table below to determine the Astra products features.

The first number (of the second block) is how many cylinders.

0 = no cylinders
1 = one cylinder
2 = two cylinder

The second number (of the second block) is how many escutcheons.

0 = no escutcheons
1 = one escutcheon
2 = two escutcheons

The third number (of the second block) is how many turnsnibs.

0 = no turnsnib
1 = one turnsnib
2 = two turnsnibs

Astra handing definition - Which side of the door is the outside?

Hinged doors

Direction of opening is always viewed from the outside. The closing face of a door is the one closing against the stop bead.

  1. The outside of an exterier door is the street or entrance side
  2. The outside of a room door is a corridor or hall side
  3. The outside of a cupboard door is the room, corridor or hall side
  4. The outside of a single communicating door is the side from which knuckles or the butts are invisible when the door is closed
  5. The outside of a twin communicating doors is the space between the two doors

Sliding doors

A right hand sliding door is the one which closes to the right and has the lock on the right hand edge, viewed always from the outside.