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Borglocks digital lock featuring Easicode design.

The Easicode series is the ideal retrofit upgrade for our own standard BL2000 and competitors equivalent 2000 style models, where frequent code changing is required.

About Easicode

No longer is it necessary to remove tumblers; the code can be changed in the hand with a simple push and twist of a screwdriver for each button.

With the patented ‘Load Plate’ design the Easicode series is also secure; so it won't be possible to determine the code by button feel; making the series the best option for lower traffic applications.

Automatic locking until the correct code is entered ensures access is for authorised personnel only.


  • New Easicode changing method no tumblers to removed.
  • Clutching lever handle till correct code is entered.
  • 60 mm backset standard.
  • Suits doors up to 54 mm.
  • Holdback function (can be removed if not required).
  • Patented ‘load plate’ design eliminates code cracking attempts.
  • Non-handed keypad - easily reversible on site.
  • Over 2000 code combinations.
  • Finished in satin chrome.