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Item description
Item description

ABUS Lock Cable 670 Booster. 180 cm Length

  • 10 mm diameter cable.
  • Vinyl coated super-flex steel cable.
  • Supplied with carrier- mounted at the seat post bolt.
  • Cylinder with dust flap.
  • Finished in blue-black.
  • Use Silca blank AB58RAP.
Best practice - Park your bike properly
The unpopulated street is as bad as a quiet parking area. A frequented place is much better.
Best practice - Use an additional lock
Help deter would be thief with additional locks available in all price and quality levels. The longer a thief needs to pick a lock or break a chain, the higher is the risk that he will be caught.
Best practice - Secure the bike to a fixed object
Whenever it is possible, you should secure your precious bike with a top quality lock to a fixed object. Therefore you could use long U-shackle locks, high quality lock-chain combinations or the Bordo XL.
Best practice - The bike lock should frighten the thief
If the lock (or locks) look tough and difficult to circumvent a thief is more likely to not even try.