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The Silca Remote Car Key is a unique quality-styled, compact remote that, once programmed, duplicates the functions of the original key.

It features three push buttons for lock, unlock and boot release and incorporates a space-saving retractable Silca quality blade.

The Smart Remote Programmer is the device that pre-sets the new remote key. It takes the specific vehicle data necessary to pre-set a new key from the dedicated SRP software via a PC or mobile device and writes it onto the remote key in seconds via NFC technology.

The SRP software is the user-friendly programme that guides you step-by-step through all the Remote Car Key pre-setting operations.

It can be downloaded from the Silca website (see link in FAQs for use via PC) or from Google Play or App Store (use via mobile device).


  • 1 x Smart programmer.
  • 5 x SIRFH1 remotes.
  • 5 x GTI chips.
  • 6 x T48 chips.
  • 1 x T33 chip.
  • 1 x T50 chip.
  • 2 x T80 chips.
  • 15 x assorted flip head blades.


  • Immediate availability: you can programme and cut the customer’s new key in minutes.
  • Wide vehicle coverage from a low inventory: hundreds of models can be programmed from only 4 key variants.
  • Quick and easy to use with no physical connection needed. The Smart Remote Programmer operates automatically via the user-friendly SRP software and applies the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a Silca patented application, to write the data onto the Remote Car Key.
  • A quality replacement key at an advantageous price compared with car dealerships.
  • Modern design with quality ‘feel’. The Silca Remote Car Key is made with long-lasting components, features a robust flip mechanism and applies tested technologies to guarantee perfect functioning.
  • Fully compatible with Silca quality FH key blades and range of transponders.
  • No tokens needed. You can pre-set as many keys as you want.
  • CE certified.


Silca Remote Program
SRP link Click on Documents