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Item description
Item description

The cloning solution for Texas® 80 bit transponders.

Silca T80+ is the unique solution for cloning transponders for many of the most sold Ford®, Toyota®, Hyundai® and Kia® models worldwide.

The Silca T80+ solution also pre-sets 80 bit transponders for Subaru® vehicles ready for programming with a diagnostic device.

The solution is available with a simple FREE software update of the RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus devices to the 04.06.091 version. The new transponder T80+ and the M-Box are also needed (except when cloning Toyota® vehicles).

In total around 97% of all vehicles using 80 bit transponders can be cloned.

The transponder can be cloned without the need to connect with the vehicle via a ‘snoop’ device making the process easier and more streamlined. The entire process requires on average less than five minutes.

Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
FALCON 2011   T80+ 6E-63
FIESTA 2013   T80+ 6E-63
FOCUS 2011 2013 T80+ 6E-63
KUGA 2012 2016 T80+ 6E-63
MONDEO 2010 2015 T80+ 6E-63
RANGER 2011 2015 T80+ 6E-63
Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
C-MAX 2011   T80+ 6E-63
FIESTA 2013 2017 T80+ 6E-63
FOCUS 2011   T80+ 6E-63
KUGA 2012 2015 T80+ 6E-63
MONDEO 2011 2014 T80+ 6E-63
RANGER 2012   T80+ 6E-63
TRANSIT 2013   T80+ 6E-63
Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
I30 2012   T80+ 6E-60
I40 2011   T80+ 6E-60
IX20 2012   T80+ 6E-60
SANTA FE 2013   T80+ 6E-60
SONATA 2015   T80+ 6E-60
TUCSON 2015   T80+ 6E-60
VELOSTER 2010   T80+ 6E-60
Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
CARENS 2013   T80+ 6E-60
CARNIVAL 2014   T80+ 6E-60
CEED 2012   T80+ 6E-60
CERATO 2013   T80+ 6E-60
MORNING 2011   T80+ 6E-60
PICANTO 2011   T80+ 6E-60
RIO 2012 2017 T80+ 6E-60
RONDO 2013   T80+ 6E-60
SORENTO 2015   T80+ 6E-60
SOUL 2013   T80+ 6E-60
SPORTAGE 2015   T80+ 6E-60
Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
BT-50 2011   T80+ 6E-63
Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
TREZIA 2011 2014 T80/T80+ 6E-36
Make / Model From To Silca Reference ID
AURION (Aus) 2011 2016 T80/T80+ 6E-36
AURIS 2009 2012 T80/T80+ 6E-36
AVENSIS 2012 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-37
AVENSIS 2012 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-37
CAMRY 2011 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-36
COROLLA 2009 2013 T80/T80+ 6E-36
FJ CRUISER 2011 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-36
FORTUNER 2009 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-36
HIACE 2010 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-36
HILUX 2010 2014 T80/T80+ 6E-36
LAND CRUISER 200 2011 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-36
LAND CRUISER PRADO 2009 2010 T80/T80+ 6E-36
RAV 4 2010 2012 T80/T80+ 6E-36
VERSO 2009 2013 T80/T80+ 6E-36
VERSO 2012 2015 T80/T80+ 6E-37
VERSO-S 2011 2014 T80/T80+ 6E-36
YARIS 2011 2014 T80/T80+ 6E-36
YARIS 2011 2014 T80/T80+ 6E-37
Important Information for Silca T80+

The Cloning Solution for Texas® 80 bit Ford®, Toyota®, Hyundai® and Kia®.

The key should not be removed from the Silca RW4 Plus / Silca Fast Copy Plus during the Texas® 80 bit cloning procedure.

At a particular moment in the process if the key is removed or there is another interruption, such as a lost internet connection or the cloning device is switched off, there is a small chance that the original key may no longer work.

In this event the cloning device will automatically recognise that the original key no longer works and will begin a recovery procedure to restore the functionality of the original key.

  • For Kia® and Hyundai® keys this process will work even without an internet connection.
  • For Ford® keys an internet connection is needed. If an internet connection is not available the recovery procedure can be done with a diagnostic tool using the normal add or erase original key procedure.