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Item description
Item description

The XR900KIT is a new wireless control panel kit by AMC. The control panel is equipped of 64 wireless zones that are configured in different functions (alarm, robbery, smoke, detection, seismic).

XR900 is able to notify one or more situations of Alarm, Robbery, Tampering and Trouble with different carriers:

  • PSTN LINE ON BOARD (voice call, contact ID, SIA fsk, etc.).
  • GSM/GPRS/3G module (voice call, SMS, contact ID, SIA fsk, DC09 IP protocol for contact ID and SIA).
  • IP module (DC09 IP protocol for contact ID and SIA).

XR900 is compatible with all Accessories of K and X Series.

The panel can be controlled by new App AMC MANAGER (iOS/Android) with IP module and/or GPRS/3G module.

The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software.

The programming with software can be made remotely with IP module and/or GPRS/3G module.

Technical Features XR900
Wireless zones 64 zones
Wired zones 2 zones – expandable to 10 (with expansions and keypads)
Frequency 916 MHz bidirectional
Outputs 2 on board - expandable to 14 (with expansions and keypads)
User code / tag / remote 64 users
Areas 4
Groups 4
Keypads 2
Range 1 km
Events log 1000
BUS line (4 wires) RS485
Phone numbers 8 for SMS and private calls + 8 for CMS
Carriers PSTN on board, GSM/GPRS/3G module, IP module
Other inputs Tamper line / mechanical panel tamper
Remote management GPRS/3G app (iOS - Android)
Remote programming GPRS/3G PC software
Time zones 4 per day