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Item description
Item description

The SALTO XS4 One escutcheon is a revolutionary stand-alone electronic lock thanks largely to the level of technology packed inside that brings together the convenience of an offline point - easy installation and no wires - with virtually the same kind of power and performance of an online point.

The SALTO XS4 One is the evolution of the Original model with a built-in, totally new reader available in two colours. It includes the latest electronic components in order to warranty a future proof feature compatibility The XS4 One version is specially designed to fit most Euro profile doors, even narrow profile framed doors. This version also works with the majority of European mortise locks and cylinders.

Wireless for real-time control using SVN Salto Virtual Network.

firerated-icon BCA AS1428.1 -2009 compliant leverset.

firerated-icon Successfully tested up to 2 hours (depending on type of doorset) on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1530.4-2014 Fire Resistant Doorsets when fitted with Lockwood 3572 mortice lock.

  • Simple installation is possible on any type of door, including those with narrow frames.
  • Body and escutcheon made of steel.
  • Clutching mechanism escutcheon (when locked handle moves freely).
  • Disabled access AS1428.1 compliant lever.
  • Dimensions: 285 (H) x 42 (W) x 19.5 mm (D).
  • Handle rotation: 45°
  • 7.6 mm split spindle (8 mm spindle required for ROSSML).
  • Compatible with ROSSML narrow style mortice.
  • Available with mechanical cylinder cut outs for key override or access lock outs with audit trail facility available.
  • Mechanical or electronic privacy option.
  • The lock can always be opened from the inside (single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock).
  • Complementary escutcheons without reader available to maintain the aesthetics of doors that do not need to be controlled.
  • Wireless version for real-time control.
  • IP55 rated (external escutcheon).

ID Technologies

  • MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic - ISO/IEC 14443).
  • Bluetooth SMART (BLE).
  • NFC.
EB750 Dimensions

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