Lock it Well

Lock It Well P/L is a family owned business operating in Melbourne Australia. The business produce’s a large range of security switches that can be readily adapted to suit many proposes & specialised requirements. Their experience includes the design and manufacture of specific purpose switches for Rail line signaling, Optic fiber Communication net works, high security use on Armoured vehicles, and switches for the elevator industry. Numerous other uses including Radar tower safety devices and machinery interlocking devices.

Lock It Well has been extremely successful in penetrating the Lift industry market and offers a much-improved operator with a case of machined brass and a lock barrel purpose cast to ensure a reliable and long wearing product. Lock It Well P/L was instrumental in producing a 28mm diameter switch using the commonly used keys in the lift industry. Their switches are well proven with tens of thousands having been sold. The product range includes a high security range providing the ability for building Master Key Systems to be integrated with elevator key switches

Lock It Well P/L has Patents and Design Registration on several products, and our R&D continues with ongoing development in innovation with both design and function. Their products are widely used around Australia and are also exported overseas and applications now include military use as well as many varied functions. Their key switches are used on submarines in vital interlocking systems and produce product that carries international NATO approval certification.

Lock It Well P/L switches incorporate two types of contact systems within our products. Self cleaning H bridges with cross wire contacts for electronic and low voltage switching down to 30 millivolts. The other a rigid double bridge with silver contacts providing high makes and break capabilities. They also have unique multi voltage contacts allowing for a wide range of currents and voltages to be used. All switches have finger touch safety terminals. Standard switching increments are 60 degrees with 30 a degree movement on spring return functions. Ninety-degree is also available and is mandatory on lift applications. All switch blocks meet international standards including UL and IEC certification.

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