New Verroo Smart Range

The Verroo Smart Range of battery powered locking devices by RMD Innovations has been designed with security, flexibility and convenience in mind. Utilising Bluetooth technology with AES128 encryption you can be sure when communicating and sharing access to your Verroo, you are doing so securely and with zero web presence. A patented challenge - response method is used whenever you send an eKey for access to your device ensuring absolute security.

Verroo’s App is feature rich and gives the owner many options to customise not only your own access but your visitors too. Three levels of access are available, Normal, Admin or Owner depending on the rights you wish to give the user making it perfect for residential and semi - commercial applications alike. Verroo provides many flexible eKey options for access to your device, permanent access for family, one time use for trades and timed access for regular visitors are all available. With up to 1000 users able to be enrolled per device and each with varying access levels the Verroo strike is suitable for small, medium and large applications.

VERROO Features:

  • Controlled by the Verroo App
  • 3 Access levels, Owner, Admin and Normal
  • Up to 1,000 users (model dependant)
  • Timed access eKeys
  • One-time visitor eKeys
  • Passage Mode
  • Customisable unlock time
  • 1,000 Event audit trail
  • Battery saving features
  • Battery life indicator in App
  • iOS, Android compatible

The Verroo Smart Mortice Strike
Industry standard electric strike footprint makes the Verroo Smart Mortice Strike the ideal solution for your commercial premises.

  • 38000NBK03N (30 users)
  • 38000NBK03N200 (200 users)
  • 38000NBK03N1000 (1,000 users)

Verroo Smart Rim Strike
Available in timber and metal frame fix, the Verroo Smart Rim Strike offers a simple and inexpensive upgrade solution.

  • 58001NSC03 (Metal frame / 30 users)
  • 58001NSC03200 (Metal frame / 200 users)
  • 58001NSC031000 (Metal frame / 1,000 users)
  • 58002NSC03 (Timber frame / 30 users)
  • 58002NSC03200 (Timber frame / 200 users)
  • 58002NSC031000 (Timber frame / 1,000 users)

The Verroo Smart Controller
This standalone battery powered controller is to be used in conjunction with the RMD 3v Compact Strike (available separately).

  • 20003 (30 users)
  • 200003200 (200 users)
  • 2000031000 (1,000 users)

The Verroo Smart Controller and Compact Strike Kit
Designed to fit most narrow door frames, the Verroo Smart Controller and Compact Strike kit is an ideal solution for residential or semi-commercial premises.

  • 20003KIT (30 users)
  • 200003200KIT (200 users)
  • 2000031000KIT (1,000 users)