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In the last year CarLab has grown from an initial 500 vehicle listings to 800+ with more listings being added each week. Given the tremendous uptake by the locksmith industry the resource has registered close to a staggering 100,000 page views over 12 months. CarLab is a must have resource because it just makes getting the job done so much easier.

So What is carlab?

CarLab was specifically designed and created by the LSC Technical Support Team as a central hub for all your vehicle and automotive key programming information.

“CarLab aims to simplify and compress all your auto information to help you become more efficient in servicing your customers.”

CarLab covers vehicle model, transponder, diagnostic, hints & tips, remote programming information for hundreds of Australian regional specific models.

How does it work?

CarLab offers a subscription  program with no joining or cancellation fees. Once you have logged onto the LSC website, registered users will be free to navigate the portal and browse through a selection of vehicle manufacturers and models. Users will also have exclusive rights to access an extensive array of information such as product knowledge, images, links, videos & documents for all your auto needs.

access to vital stats & info

You will have access to vital manufacturer and model specific statistics and detailed, extended information.

enhanced user experience

Rich multimedia such as pictures, links, videos and attached documents are also included to maximise the user’s experience.

Share your own notes

A ‘user notes’ function allows a business to store their own info about a particular model and share it between their staff members.

Use across multiple platforms

After logging into your LSC online account, registered users will be able to navigate to CarLab easily on any desktop or smart mobile device.

how will carlab benefit me?

CarLab aims to simplify and compress all your auto information to help you become more efficient in servicing your customers.You will no longer be required to cross reference any international catalogues to determine the correct requirements for our Australian region models.

Your business will improve by:

  • Saving time by referring to a single, more accurate resource
  • Providing an opportunity for faster and more accurate job quoting
  • Avoiding multiple site trips or cancellations caused from application mistakes
  • Saving time by decreasing technical support requirements

Subscription Options

There are four different CarLab subscription options to choose from:


Yearly - recurring billing


Yearly - non recurring billing


Quarterly - recurring billing


Quarterly - non recurring billing

For more information

Speak to your friendly LSC sales representative or email CarLab.