Back to School 2020 with SALTO electronic locking solutions

Like many schools, Leighland Christian School’s expanding needs for flexible access control were not being met by their master key system. With security supplier SECURATECH and LSC, the school chose SALTO to improve access and risk management at their Ulverstone campus in Tasmania. SALTO has the widest range of stand-alone electronic locks on the market, with a product for virtually any door and application.

“SALTO creates a culture of trust. Secure, flexible and reliable access control is now a systemized outcome for our school community – it’s the way we do business now.”

DAVID GREY | Business Manager
Leighland Christian School


From pre-sales support through to system implementation, LSC can help you with everything SALTO. Both SALTO and LSC are more than happy to provide you with sales and presentation support when engaging with your potential customers - just ask.

SALTO XS4 online and offline electronic locks, GEO cylinder locks, XS4 Locker locks, and control units were installed in the school, controlling 190 doors in administration areas, classrooms, common areas and store rooms. Access points were also added to four automatic doors, an external gate and the building lift. Leighland employs SALTO SVN-Flex, a feature that enables SALTO locks and cylinders to directly update cards at the door; reducing the cost and operational inconvenience of installing and using dedicated update points.

Another powerful feature for the school was the ability to lockdown immediately from a central control point. The lockdown can be activated through SALTO ProAccess Space software or via a physical emergency lockdown button located in the admin area. SECURATECH carefully planned the transition from traditional to electronic keys by pre-loading all staff and access points into the software, as well as issuing out credentials in advance before any hardware was installed.

Schools needs suppliers they can trust, and Leighland is no exception. SECURATECH has provided many years of reliable service to Leighland and loves working with SALTO and LSC.

“SALTO is an excellent choice for schools with the long term vision to better manage their environment. With Karl Slater from LSC and their fantastic in-house technical support and knowledge of SALTO products, we ensured the project was well-planned and met the school’s requirements,” said Kaleb Lehman, Director of SECURATECH.

More schools are adopting EAC which presents a fantastic opportunity for pro-active locksmiths and security providers. For more information on how to get started with SALTO, please get in touch with LSC or visit