What do you most enjoy about your work as a Locksmith?

Having been in the industry for 9 years and doing it all with Access Hardware from starting my apprentice to where I am now, I've come to enjoy the uniqueness of the trade. Every day is always different and it's a joy to have the battle to learn as much as you can to help you along the way and giving the clients the exact solution that they require. I've found that it's not all about the nitty gritty of the security industry as we always get a great balance between face to face interaction with customers and getting down and dirty with hardware install on commercial sites or getting that safe open for a customer.

I also really enjoy the interaction between Locksmiths of all shapes and sizes whether it's at a locksmith function or on social media platforms. It's a great way to see we have a shared platform to ask questions that we may not know the answers to and to witness the willingness of everyone to help out. This shows to me that the industry as a whole is in it together, and that together we can create a better industry for the next generation.

What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for someone to succeed as a locksmith?

There are definitely a few skills and abilities necessary to be a successful locksmith, but one of the main ones is to be a good listener and learner. If we stop learning, how will we be able to give our customers the best solution for their needs? We also need to be creative and think outside the box to solve any problem that comes our way.

I believe communication is key; the ability to communicate with your clients, suppliers and colleagues is an important skill to develop. Effective communication will lead to our customers' expectations to be not only met but exceeded. Being flexible is another important skill I believe is required, everyday doesn't go to plan and we need to be flexible and adapt ourselves to achieve the best outcome for every situation. There are some abilities I have developed over my career that I believe are essential to the trade:

The first is to “Look after each other”. When working within a team we always need to look out for each other on and off site. We become a family in a way and we need to treat each other that way.

Secondly I believe we need to “Be open to new ideas”. Within this we need to consider all aspects and opinions of others. You never know, they might just be the perfect solution for a situation.

And lastly we need to aspire to be a “Leader”. Not necessarily in a literal sense but to adopt the mindset of one. To me being a leader is someone who leads from the front and is always willing to support and develop those around them.

What are your career goals?

I've been at Access for almost 9 years now and they've put me through my apprenticeship as well as keep me on as a tradesman. I love where I work and I want to give back to the company that has given so much to me. As it stands, I'm both an on-road locksmith and a team leader. In addition to managing sizable projects, I still have contracted sites that I attend to. I'll often find myself on a large cylinder install, moving a safe or leading a team and spending a few weeks installing assorted door hardware, ranging from a key in knob set, to mortice locks to door seals and closers. I've found that we have no limits when it comes to doors and solutions; we just need to find the right one that truly helps our customers. This brings me to my future plans of my locksmithing career.

In the short term (5-10 year plan) - Being a hands on locksmith manager of a sizable locksmith team would be where I would like to head next. I feel that I am at a point now that I can effectively share my knowledge with the next generation of locksmiths. I believe my next step is to move into management to expand my knowledge and understanding of the business world. I want to be able to help not only our customers, but employees within my own company. By being hands on, I'll keep my skills sharp and my knowledge relevant and applicable. Often, I find you need a locksmith that is still active on the road to come up with the best solution; rather than a locksmith sitting behind a desk

In the long term (15+ year plan) - I feel driven to open my own business and then further into the future I'd like to be become a TAFE teacher. I want to help develop the industry as a whole, sharing what I've learnt along the way in my career and in my life. If we don't invest into the younger generation of locksmiths, how will we be able to pass on the vital skills we need effectively?

What does winning the award of ‘Australia’s Best Young Locksmith’ mean to you?

I've found over my time as a locksmith that the most tense and busy times bring out the best in people. We see how we all react to the pile of work ahead and how we tackle it as a team shows that a group of people from different paths of life can come together to achieve greatness.

Having the opportunity to win the title of “Australia’s Best Young Locksmith 2019” would provide a valuable stepping stone in the direction I want to travel with my career. I’ll take the title with both hands and run with it. It’ll give me with the opportunity to have my name and Access Hardware’s name out in the market and show that we can produce great young locksmiths.

Having this type of acknowledgement and reassurance that I’m on the right path would help me give young locksmiths in the industry a voice and show that we can make valuable contributions and we can bring the industry into the 21st century with our unique abilities and youthful eyes, without forgetting the Locksmithing history.




Australia’s Best Young Locksmith recognises the outstanding achievements by young locksmiths who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their field.

The ABYL award was an initiative developed by LSC in 2012 to continue our heritage of fostering passion, skill and commitment to locksmithing.


The ABYL prize pack is received by the locksmith who most embodies the essence of the ABYL competition. The winner will receive the prize pack during their stay in Melbourne.

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