Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro

As a trusted brand for 18 years, Advanced Diagnostics are at the forefront of the automotive key programming market. Their proud history of innovation continues with the introduction of the new SMART Pro - a state-of-the-art vehicle key programmer and must have tool for professionals. Indeed, it is fair to say that the Advanced Diagnostics key programming tools still provide the broadest range of key programming coverage in the market place today. The new SMART Pro which is the third generation key & remote programming tool continues in the same vein while extending greater functionality and ease of use. The SMART Pro is very much a hybrid programming tool allowing purchase of different pay as you go token configurations, the inclusion of a free suite of software that does not use tokens and premium software which can be purchased outright if required, all on the same device. This hybrid offering means choice and flexibility for the end user.

See the new Advance Diagnostics SMART Pro at the next LSC hosted event: MLAA VIC Meeting May 15th | 4-16 Export Dr, Brooklyn

Starter kit inclusions

Starter kit includes robust carry case, SMART Pro device, diagnostic cable, power cable, USB lead, printed quick start guide and USB with operating Manual. 3 months FREE Unlimited Tokens. Where a trade-in exists for existing AD100Pro / MVP Pro, tokens or software transferred from old device.


Includes 10 x FREE software which do not use tokens. Purchase tokens in multiple formats; fixed packs, unlimited subscriptions and 24hr unlimited blocks. Purchase selected software outright. All on the one device.



Critical information loaded into vehicle menus displays transponder and general key information, RKE programming info, images and vehicle model notes for the selected vehicle. Review this information on the bench without being connected to vehicle.


Extended functionality includes transponder identification and production by way of the optional Smart Aerial ADC242.


Software updates and token status readily identified through the device. Easily updated over Wi-Fi or by way of USB through PC based loader program. Maintain vehicle history and add chosen vehicles to favourites folder.