2020 Marks the 20th Anniversary of Advanced Diagnostics

The UK based company were and continue to be true pioneers in the development of key and remote programming solutions. Over the past 20 years many competitors have come and gone as have inferior imitations of the Advanced Diagnostics product range.

Since its launch in 2018 the SMART Pro™ has been a huge success. Software development ceased for the AD100 Pro/MVP Pro in 2019, as many AD100 Pro/MVP Pro users had transitioned to SMART Pro™ during 2018. Since then new software releases from Advanced Diagnostics are exclusive to the SMART Pro™ only.

These new Smart Pro only releases, some of which were world firsts include:

  • ADS2275 8C Code Word
  • ADS2223 Holden Captiva
  • ADS2263 BMW Mini
  • ADS2267 MAZDA 2018/2019
  • ADS2269 Ford 2019
  • ADS2274 GM PIN Read
  • ADS2279 GM 2018
  • ADS2280 Hyundai/Kia
  • ADS2281 Mitsubishi 2017
  • ADS2287 Renault 2019
  • ADS2291 Chrysler / Dodge 2019
  • ADS2292 VW MQB

Advanced Diagnostics SMART Pro™ still delivers the broadest coverage of any key and remote programming tool in the market today. While the average age of the automotive fleet in Australia is approximately 10 years, the SMART Pro™ provides coverage, manufacturer specific, from late 1990s through to current 2020 builds. Recent examples of bug fixes being applied to older vehicles include GM IMMO 1/2, Landrover Discovery bar code remotes and Nissan NATS 2 as found in older patrol models.

This commitment to cover older vehicles while maintaining pace with new model releases extends the capabilities of SMART Pro™ far beyond that of other tools. Simply put no other tool matches SMART Pro™ for coverage.

LSC have been a distributor of the Advanced Diagnostics product range for most of the 20 years. The collaborative approach to software development together with a high level of local technical support means end users are guaranteed that development and support for the local market is to the forefront.

Points to consider when purchasing a diagnostic tool:

  • Longevity of the developer in the market
  • Historical life cycle of the developer’s products
  • Continued ongoing development relevant to local market
  • High level local technical support
  • Safe and secure software
  • Potential modification or damage to the vehicle from inferior tools


“ The Advanced Diagnostics SMART Pro™, in my opinion is the most powerful and efficient key programming tool released in my 10 years experience in the automotive locksmithing industry.

Thanks to the user friendly SMART Pro™, the once heavily relied upon technical support is now reserved for the more complicated and advanced enquires, for which the highly intelligent, well trained, and experienced staff are always able to formulate a useful answer.

Overall the interface, use-ability and coverage far outshines any other key programming tool I have used. With the rate at which updates and improvements are released by Advanced Diagnostics, there’s no doubt that it will continue to lead the market for many years to come.

Joel Farkas, TCL Security Cairns Queensland


“ We have been using the SMART Pro™ for over a year now, this unique and versatile machine has really expanded our range and confidence in the automotive world.

The Smart Pro’s features make programming easy to achieve with clear menus and step by step procedures which is essential for successful key programming.

One of my favourite features of the SMART Pro™ is the in depth vehicle descriptions and information which is unlike any other machine I have used in the past.

The SMART Pro™ consistently delivers efficient and reliable key programming on a daily basis and the support for the machine is unparalleled.

Adoni, St George Locksmiths Sydney