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Please provide a short personal biography about yourself.

I am 28 years old and live in the country town of Ridgley in Tasmania. I have been working in the locksmith industry since 2009 where I began vocational training with Total Lock & Alarms whilst completing year 11 & 12.

In 2011 Total Lock & Alarms offered me an apprenticeship which I was honoured to accept. I completed my apprenticeship in 2014 studying through North Melbourne Institute of TAFE & have been working as a qualified locksmith ever since.

In 2019 I left my first employer to take up a position with Matrix Security Integration. This company approached me to assist them to set up and run their new branch in Ulverstone. I was excited to be given this opportunity that I quickly accepted and now I am proudly assisting to grow this branch of the business.

What do you most enjoy about your work as a locksmith?

One thing that I enjoy about being a locksmith is that every day and every job is different. I get to travel around the state meeting & helping people from all walks of life, who are at times extremely upset & vulnerable due to their circumstances. When I assist these people, I get a sense of purpose & pride in the work that I do especially when they are so appreciative of my assistance.

I enjoy building a large network which includes locksmiths from other firms, trades people and businesses, that are not only in Tasmania but the whole county. I utilise and assist these contacts in my day to day work and am fortunate to have built some lifelong friendships. I also enjoy the “thrill” of solving difficult jobs, I get a great sense of achievement when a customer comes into the workshop advising that they have been to other businesses that have not been able to assist them & I am able to use my knowledge, experience & contacts to get their issue resolved.

What key issues do you think will affect the locksmith industry in the coming decade and how do you think these should be approached?

The key issues that will affect the locksmith industry in the coming decade will be;
  • ongoing advancements and changes in technology; newer electronic locks for vehicles, residences & commercial buildings, improvements to “Smart Locks”, Keyless Entry systems & Card access systems
  • shrinkage in the job market due to locksmiths struggling with new technology putting greater stress on existing locksmiths.
There will be an ongoing need to keep up to date with technology improvements to ensure that locksmiths have the ability to install & educate their clients on how to use the equipment.

Tell us why you should be Australia’s best young locksmith.

It would be an honour to be named Australia’s best young locksmith, a profession that I have been working passionately in for over a decade.I have excellent interpersonal skills; I am approachable, reliable & trustworthy & have the natural ability to interact with people from all walks of life & always willing to assist.

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