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Item description
Item description

SecuRam® Safe Locks can be paired with any of SecuRam’s EntryPads to create a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications.

SecuRam’s Safe Lock Bolt mechanisms are constructed of stainless steel which results in long-lasting and reliable performance.

SecuRam’s Safe Lock Bolt mechanisms are constructed of stainless steel which results in long-lasting and reliable performance.

Advanced Technology. Reliable:

  • SecuRam’s Safe Locks use advanced technology to provide a flexible safe lock platform.
  • Featuring a Dual Communication Platform, SecuRam Locks operate in either analog mode or digital mode
  • Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility.
  • Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.
  • SecuRam motor-driven safe lock bodies are very reliable and versatile. A lock body to fit any boltwork configuration.
  • The DeadBolt is a square bolt safe lock and is designed to work in conjunction with most safe boltwork systems.
  • The Deadbolt utilizes a motor-driven gear box to retract and extend the lock bolt. This lock does not use a plastic nut/threaded shaft or disengaging drive train mechanism as is common in other deadbolt safe locks. As a result the DeadBolt will provide longlasting performance and protection.
  • The lock remains retracted for 6 seconds and then automatically extends.
  • When the safe door is closed and the safe handle returned to the locked position, the lock will automatically lock secure.
  • As with all SecuRam lock bodies, the DeadBolt can operate in two modes:
    Analog mode for use with SafeLogic Series EntryPads
    Digital mode for use with ProLogic and ScanLogic EntryPads
    See Analog versus Digital Mode video below for instructions to convert the lock from one mode to the other.
  • The DeadBolt is Bluetooth compatible and can be used in conjunction with SecuRam's Bluetooth EntryPads.
  • The DeadBolt lock body can be used to replace any standard sized safe lock.
  • The DeadBolt can be easily retrofitted on most safes.
  • The DeadBolt with Bolt Status Sensor can be easily retrofitted on most safes.

Convert from Digital to Analog

Why isn't my Securam lock working

Some simple reasons why your lock & keypad aren't working.

  1. I have connected the lock and keypad and there is no sound when I press a number, the keypad is dead of course they have fitted a battery as well.
  2. I entered a code and the lock says verified and then says lock not linked.
  3. I enter a code and lock gives an error code.

Please watch video for how to reset lock.