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Item description
Item description

Silca RW4 Plus and M-Box bundle with 10 free GTI & T48 chips.

The Silca RW4 Plus decodes and programs more transponders than any other cloning tool on the market.


  • GTI,
  • Philips® Crypto (ID40,41,42, 45, 46),
  • Volkswagen® (ID44),
  • Philips® crypto 2 type (ID46),
  • Texas® crypto type (4D),
  • Texas® Crypto 2 (ID6F),
  • Texas® Crypto 3 (ID6A),
  • Texas® fixed code type (4C) and other fixed code transponders (on T5 transponder types).
  • Philips® and Megamos® fixed code transponders,
  • Copying keys Holden® Commodore type 1 and 2 (COM-CODE required).

Add the M-Box

  • Megamos® Crypto (ID48-A, ID48-K)  over 230 vehicles models of the major automotive groups like:
    Alfa Romeo®, Audi®, Cadillac®, Chevrolet®, Chevrolet-Daewoo®, Citroën®, Daf® Trucks, Ferrari®, Fiat®, GMC®, Great Wall®, Holden®, Hyundai®, Honda®, Hummer®, Isuzu®, Iveco®, Jaguar®, Kia®, Lancia®, Maserati®, Opel®, Peugeot®, Pontiac®, Porsche®, Proton®, Seat®, Škoda®, Ssangyong®, Vauxhall®, Volkswagen®, Volvo®.
  • Extensive and professional transponder solution.
  • Unique decoding & programming device in one stand alone unit.
  • Data acquiring process for all vehicle types.
  • Data acquisition by using the original car key with the "Silca" Snoop.
  • Certainty of data logging results.
  • Identification of transponder keys.
  • Identification of different transponder types.
  • Cloning of fixed-code transponder keys.
  • Cloning of Texas Instruments encrypted ("crypto") transponder keys.
  • Cloning of Philips encrypted (“crypto” & crypto ii) transponder keys.
  • Including T11 chip types, ID40, ID41, ID42, ID44, ID45, ID46 & ID48 types.
  • Storage and retrieval of transponder key codes.
  • Generation of transponder key codes.
  • Direct entry of transponder key codes.
PC System requirements (for SKP)

To use the Silca Key Programs (SKP), your computer must have a correctly installed Windows operating system and must have the following system requirements:

  • Processor 1 GHz
  • Windows® XP SP3, Windows Vista™ SP2 (32 or 64 bit), Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bit) operating systems
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 2 GB free space on hard disk
  • DVD reader
  • SVGA monitor or over - Resolution 1024x768 - 65536 colours or over
  • 1 USB port for hardware protection
  • One or more serial/USB ports for connecting the key-cutting machines
Silca Wintransfers (Firmware)

Keep your Silca key machine up to date.

Contact your account manager for all updates.

What is pre-coding?

Pre-Coding is the process of writing a specific manufacturers logic to a blank or virign chip before programming it to the vehicle.

Your RW4 can preform this function as of version 02.00.056 for RW4 Plus machines and version 01.01.056 for RW4 machines. This update is very beneficial customers using the RW4 devices along side their Advanced Diagnostics units.