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Item description
Item description

The Tango transponder tool is produced by the highly regarded Scorpio LK company which specialises in the reading and writing of automotive transponders. It has world leading functionality including transponder ID production, manipulation, and the creation of working keys from immobiliser file.

The hardware consists of an ergonomic hand held device, measuring 160mm x 80mm x 50/30mm and is encased in a rubber seal preventing the device from sliding around your work bench. The key hole is large to ensure successful reading of full sized OEM transponder keys, and is accompanied by two smaller round holes for the placement of single transponder chips. Two LEDs on the top of the device indicate status and progress of the tool.

All functionality of the Tango is controlled by the intuitive PC software which is compatible for all modern versions of Windows. The Basic (included) version of the software has many free basic and advanced functions; specific and particular advanced functions may be added by way of 'one-off' paid software modules.

Highlighted FREE functions included in the basic software:

  • Comprehensive transponder ID production (world leading), including VAG CAN, GM Circle +, majority of Texas Crypto, and HiTag2 IDs.
  • VAG CAN (TP2) ID48 component security writer
  • Cloning for Fixed code, Philips Crypto 1, and Texas Crypto OFFLINE
  • Manual manipulation of logic in most transponders
  • Hundreds of applicable key makers (from immobiliser file) for various manufacturers
  • FREE offline cloning of Temic Crypto ID8C
  • FREE cloning of various ID48 GM and Korean vehicle keys
  • Coding VW 2009 + using Tango
    While using SuperVAG on 2009+ VW an additional tool is required to prepare the transponder. Find out how-to using the Scorpio Tango.