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Item description
Item description

The External Series range of products has been developed specifically for weather resistant applications. Special layers of polished chrome finish is applied to the outer housing and lever which are guaranteed to resist corrosion in normal weather conditions for up to 1 year .

Other key features clutched handle which protects against forced entry and lock damage, optional free passage function, an 8 mm square drive so it can operate a wide range of leading brands of lock.

information-icon Not suitable for coastal or saline areas.

  • Fully mechanical external grade digital lock.
  • 8 mm square drive suitable for mortice locks.
  • 60 mm heavy duty stainless steel tubular latch.
  • Straight lever design.
  • Clutching lever protection.
  • Optional passage function (if required).
  • 316 grade stainless steel internal components.
  • Special layers of polished chrome finish.
  • Large indented buttons for ease of use.
  • Fully reversible.
  • Suits doors from 35-80 mm thick.
  • More than 8000 codes to choose from.
  • Designed for light to medium usage areas
    Not suitable for use in high traffic commercial areas.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Suitable for external use.
How do I activate passage mode on a BL5000 series lock

The "F" button activates the code free (passage mode) entry feature, so if you require continuous free passage you will need to proceed as follows:
If this function is required, it can be easily be installed by unscrewing the 4 red screws on the back of the keypad to expose the tumblers.
Depress the "C" button and keep it depressed, and using the tweezers provided to insert the disk/tumbler. Now replace the metal cover and 4 red screws.

  • 1. Enter your access code, but before depressing the lever press the "F" button.
  • 2. You will now be able to rotate the handle freely without entering the code.
  • 3. To cancel the free entry feature, press the "F" button followed by the "C" button and this will reset the unit.

information-icon The "F" disk/tumber is supplied in the box with the lock.