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Lock Focus 3786 Pulsar RFID Digital Lock, Black

New product.


Item description
Item description

Pulsar RFID digital combination lock 3786 provides contactless RFID locking in a slim and attractive footprint.

Utilising the high strength benefits of the synthetic material Grivory®, Pulsar can be used independently or paired with existing wireless systems. Simple to upgrade existing installations and compatible with most wireless standards including RFID and NFC, this lock comes with a wide range of accessories and options.

Typical applications include commercial and office environments, Lockers and Enclosures.

  • Black lock and escutcheon.
  • Mechanical override lock.
  • Uses existing L&F cams.
  • Battery condition indicator.
  • 24 mm body projection.
  • Uses existing L&F cams.
  • 2 x AA batteries (included).
  • Vertical, left and right hand fixing.
  • Dimensions 41 (W) x 140 (H) x 30 mm (D).

information-icon Can be ordered BTO with individual KA override key for project lot.

Programming Options:

  • Change Master Card.
  • Add User Card.
  • Delete all User Cards.
  • Delete single User Card with User Card.
  • Delete single User Card without User Card.
  • Set Private Mode.
  • Set Public Mode.
  • Set audio.
  • Auto unlock mode.
  • Auto lock mode.