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Item description
Item description

Silca GTI Wedge transponder chip.

The GTI Wedge can be used exclusively with Silca cloning devices RW4 Plus, Fast Copy Plus, RW4 + P-Box and Fast Copy + P-Box, and with Advanced Diagnostics devices AD100 Pro and MVP Pro.

With the GTI Wedge transponder you can copy Texas® Fixed, Texas® Crypto and Philips® Crypto transponders.

For diagnostic machine users the GTI chip can replace more than 15 original chips in your inventory.

Compatible with Silca TE, Silca Remote Car keys and Silca Flip keys range of original head shape keys that have been re-engineered to fit the GTI chips. Silca TRP setting program may be required.


The Silca GTI Wedge transponder can emulate the following Silca transponders:

warning-icon This list is not designed to be an exhaustive list. Due to possible future software updates this list is likely to be expanded.

Silca transponder Transponder type
T3 Texas fixed
T4 Texas fixed
T7 Texas crypto
T8 Texas crypto
T13 Texas crypto
T14 Philips crypto-II
T16 Texas crypto
T17 Texas crypto
T18 Texas crypto
T19 Texas crypto
T21 Texas crypto
T22 Texas crypto
T31 Texas crypto
T32 Texas crypto