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DCS Shielded 7 Core 14/0.20 250m REEL


Item description
Item description

Shielded 7 core security cable 14/0.20 mm multi-core cable for use in the security industry for alarm systems and access control.

EZITAG is a new innovative idea to identify and Premark your DCS cable for each location/point. Simply use a sharpie to circle or tick Your room location (security Cable) eg ENT FOYER STUDY BR1 BR2 GAR or your Jack location ( Data cable) eg D1 D2 D3 D4 D5

  • 7 conductor, 14/0.20 mm stranded cable.
  • Available in white outer frpvc sheathing.
  • Available in 250m reel, with count down metre marked.
Conductor 14/0.20 tinned copper
Conductor Resistance 125ohms/km
Insulation FR-PVC Red,Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Black, Brown
Thickness of insulation 0.6 mm
Shielding Aluminum Mylar Tape
Jacket FR-PVC white
Thickness of jacket 0.6 mm
Drain wire 7x0.18 mm
OD 6.2 ±0.l mm
Insulation resistance 3000Mohms-km