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AMC KX-out 3 Output Expansion Board suits X and K Series


Item description
Item description

KX-out is a 3 relay outputs expansion module with auto protection tamper box.

The peripherals (keypads, expansions, sockets, etc.) are connected to the electronic board through an RS485 line, terminals A and B.

KXout is a module of expansion output. Can be used with the following model of panel:

  • K4 panel (1 module)
  • K8 panel (2 modules)
  • K8PLUS panel (4 modules)
  • X412 panel (1 module)
  • X824 panel (1 modules)
  • X864 panel (4 modules)
Specifications KX-in KX-out
Supply 10 - 14.5Vcc (nominal 13.8Vcc) 10 - 14.5Vcc (nominal 13.8Vcc)
Current 31mA@13.8Vdc 75mA@13.8Vdc
Zones 8 for each module N/A
Outputs N/A 3 free contact relay outputs (30V 1A)
Protection Panel / back tamper Panel / back tamper
Bus Tamper connections monitored Tamper connections monitored