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Powerbox 13.8Vdc, 7Amp DC Power Supply with Battery Backup (No Housing) (CS PN# 7023)


Item description
Item description

The PBB2S137 is a 13.8Vdc, 7A off-line battery charger / DC uninterrupted power supply which operate from 100-240Vac mains power.

When connected to a valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery, these units provide uninterrupted power to a DC load in the event of mains failure. The PBB2S Series contains a two-step current limited float charger, output over-current and short circuit protection, a self-resetting battery fuse, over-temperature protection, and mains DC OK battery OK and battery fuse fail alarms.

The PBB2S is available in a light weight corrosion resistant aluminium chassis mount enclosure. Both models employ natural convection cooling.

information-icon The PBB2S series is for indoor use only.

  • 12VDC 7A power supply for battery backup.
  • High reliability and high efficiency.
  • Industrial-grade switching power converter.
  • Light weight corrosion resistant aluminium enclosure.
  • Output over current and short circuit protection.
  • Separate current-limited battery charging output.
  • Output over voltage protection.
  • Self-resetting battery fuse.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Mains OK / DC OK - Green LED and alarm contact.
  • Green Battery OK - Green LED and alarm contact.
  • Battery Fuse Fail - Red LED.
  • Dimensions 219 (L) x 114 (W) x 62 mm (D).