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Presco 1 Door Standalone Access Control System (MD-01) (CS PN# 4110)


Item description
Item description

The PAC1 is a single door access controller that ensures secure door access due to the separation of the controller from the keypad or proximity reader. The unit can be easily programmed onsite using a keypad or via a PC with a PEL1.

  • 1 door controller.
  • Up to 600 users codes (Series 3).
  • Support for bulk adding of User codes.
  • 10 keypads or readers can be connected to each PAC.
  • Compatible with PAC-DL data logger.
  • Split system for maximum security.
  • Non-volatile memory, 10 years memory without power.
  • 1 minute lockout after 5 invalid attempts (programmable).
  • Door Open To Long (DOTL).
  • Door Forced Open detection (DFO).
  • Automatic relock feature.
  • Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC).
  • Accepts NO or NC Request To Exit devices (RTE).
  • Management code facility.
  • Heavy duty 5 amp relay contact for latch control.
  • Can operate both fail safe and fail secure strike.
  • Normally open DOTL alarm relay contact.
  • System uses low cost non-shielded cable.
  • 12 - 24Vdc, 16 - 24Vac.